recieved Nice Cover From algeria

recieved Nice Cover From algeria
Mr Ouari Khemissi P O BOX 895 Setif 19000 Algeria

dimanche 29 novembre 2009

South Africa - 2009 3D Dinosaurs Cover Set

This is my Topics I want Covers and FDC's by this topics
I recev this Cover this day Thank you

Cover from Egypt

Thank you Amed Yousef

New FDC from Kia Hsu

Nice FDC from Taiwan thank you dear Kia

samedi 21 novembre 2009


for my new philatelic set of Topics and expo I Need documents and FDC'c,Covers, and stamps Mint on the préstorique one and the dinosaurs
I offer this FDC's or Covers from Algeria in exchange
PLZ contacte me in
mr Ouari khemissi
P o Box 895
Setif 19000 Algeria

New FDC's from Kia Hsu

Thank you very much Dear Kia